Ladies Week

We just had our 2nd Annual Ladies Week. Last October, we had five lovely ladies join us for their very own, “Ladies Week”. Only four of them participated this year.

They were an absolute joy with their fun bubbly personalities and always updating us on what local beach adventures they were getting into. The best part about these ladies were that they truly made Meris Gardens their home…literally. They walked around in their pjs. One guest brought her dog and cacti to stay with her for the week. They brought their lawn chairs & coolers out and placed them in the garden and on our office deck. They laughed and socialized from sun up to sun down. It was hard not to smile and embrace in their time of bonding. Their enjoyment was absolutely infectious.

They stayed with us for four days. It was long enough to get to know these ladies and to establish friendship, yet it seemed too short of a visit, because the friendships had just gotten started. On their last day, we all exchanged hugs and goodbyes…We truly didn’t want to see them to go.

After, we watched them drive away, we then began cleaning their rooms. In two of the rooms, we found bouquets of grass and mint thistle pulled from our garden placed in gargling cup vases. It made us smile, because we knew it was their own little heartfelt ways of saying thank you. We ended up keeping them for a while after that.

It maybe weeds or grass, but it created a beautiful bouquet. They may have been our guests, but their visit created a memorable friendship.